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A module to handle localizations for Contao
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Contao Multilingual Pages [i18nl10n]

Contao 4 compatible packagist packagist License

Warning: This Extension is in beta status. DO NOT USE IT ON ANY PRODUCTIVE ENVIRONMENT!

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A module to handle localizations for Contao 4.

By default Contao handles multiple languages by duplicating page trees for each language (in Contao's Site Structure). If you have many pages and languages it can become a lot of work to handle your content and to keep them in sync. Especially, when the content is similar across languages. This extension is for you!

System requirements


1. Install package

$ composer require exploreimpact/contao-i18nl10n

# or for latest state of development:

$ composer require exploreimpact/contao-i18nl10n:dev-master

2. Update database

  • Run a database update via the Installtool afterwards.

3. Set URL settings

  • Open the Contao backend.
  • Go to "Site structure".
  • Edit your website's root page:
    • Under "DNS settings":
      • Enter the default language to the "Language" field.
      • Set the page as "language fallback".
    • Under "i18nl10n settings":
      • Add the additional languages you want to make available.


  • The extension is not compatible with the parameter prepend_locale: true!


Contao 4: ... t.b.d. ...
Contao 3:
Note: Most configuration instructions still match for Contao 4 intallations.

For changes made in the past please look into


Claudio De Facci

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