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Add factions and relations in your game using C++ or Blueprints
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Factions Plugin

Add factions and relations in your game using C++ or Blueprints

This plugin is for Unreal Engine 4 and has support for versions 4.20, 4.19 and 4.18.


What are "Factions"

When we say Faction we refer to a group of entities or actors that share something in common.

Almost every single type of game uses factions in different ways. For example, in Shooter games there will be enemies and friends, in RTS games every player will be a faction by itself, and in Open-World games you will have factions fighting each other while you run around.

This plugin fulfills the needs of this feature in UE4 with a very flexible tool that will make the implementation, editing and design of your own factions a 5 minutes thing.

"What" can have a faction?

Everything!... well not everything, but pretty much. All actors of any type can have a faction.


Documentation is available online:


Test Project

You can download this Test project to see and test the API

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