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import plac
from spacy.en import English
from spacy.parts_of_speech import NOUN
from spacy.parts_of_speech import ADP as PREP
def _span_to_tuple(span):
start = span[0].idx
end = span[-1].idx + len(span[-1])
tag = span.root.tag_
text = span.text
label = span.label_
return (start, end, tag, text, label)
def merge_spans(spans, doc):
# This is a bit awkward atm. What we're doing here is merging the entities,
# so that each only takes up a single token. But an entity is a Span, and
# each Span is a view into the doc. When we merge a span, we invalidate
# the other spans. This will get fixed --- but for now the solution
# is to gather the information first, before merging.
tuples = [_span_to_tuple(span) for span in spans]
for span_tuple in tuples:
def extract_currency_relations(doc):
merge_spans(doc.ents, doc)
merge_spans(doc.noun_chunks, doc)
relations = []
for money in filter(lambda w: w.ent_type_ == 'MONEY', doc):
if money.dep_ in ('attr', 'dobj'):
subject = [w for w in money.head.lefts if w.dep_ == 'nsubj']
if subject:
subject = subject[0]
relations.append((subject, money))
elif money.dep_ == 'pobj' and money.head.dep_ == 'prep':
relations.append((money.head.head, money))
return relations
def main():
nlp = English()
texts = [
u'Net income was $9.4 million compared to the prior year of $2.7 million.',
u'Revenue exceeded twelve billion dollars, with a loss of $1b.',
for text in texts:
doc = nlp(text)
relations = extract_currency_relations(doc)
for r1, r2 in relations:
print(r1.text, r2.ent_type_, r2.text)
if __name__ == '__main__':