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#!/usr/bin/env python
# coding: utf8
"""A simple example of extracting relations between phrases and entities using
spaCy's named entity recognizer and the dependency parse. Here, we extract
money and currency values (entities labelled as MONEY) and then check the
dependency tree to find the noun phrase they are referring to – for example:
$9.4 million --> Net income.
Compatible with: spaCy v2.0.0+
from __future__ import unicode_literals, print_function
import plac
import spacy
'Net income was $9.4 million compared to the prior year of $2.7 million.',
'Revenue exceeded twelve billion dollars, with a loss of $1b.',
model=("Model to load (needs parser and NER)", "positional", None, str))
def main(model='en_core_web_sm'):
nlp = spacy.load(model)
print("Loaded model '%s'" % model)
print("Processing %d texts" % len(TEXTS))
for text in TEXTS:
doc = nlp(text)
relations = extract_currency_relations(doc)
for r1, r2 in relations:
print('{:<10}\t{}\t{}'.format(r1.text, r2.ent_type_, r2.text))
def extract_currency_relations(doc):
# merge entities and noun chunks into one token
spans = list(doc.ents) + list(doc.noun_chunks)
for span in spans:
relations = []
for money in filter(lambda w: w.ent_type_ == 'MONEY', doc):
if money.dep_ in ('attr', 'dobj'):
subject = [w for w in money.head.lefts if w.dep_ == 'nsubj']
if subject:
subject = subject[0]
relations.append((subject, money))
elif money.dep_ == 'pobj' and money.head.dep_ == 'prep':
relations.append((money.head.head, money))
return relations
if __name__ == '__main__':
# Expected output:
# Net income MONEY $9.4 million
# the prior year MONEY $2.7 million
# Revenue MONEY twelve billion dollars
# a loss MONEY 1b