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v2.2.3: Tokenizer.explain, Korean base support, dependency scores per label and bug fixes

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@ines ines released this 21 Nov 18:21
· 4634 commits to master since this release

New features and improvements

  • NEW: Tokenizer.explain method to see which rule or pattern was matched.
    tok_exp = nlp.tokenizer.explain("(don't)")
    assert [t[0] for t in tok_exp] == ["PREFIX", "SPECIAL-1", "SPECIAL-2", "SUFFIX"]
    assert [t[1] for t in tok_exp] == ["(", "do", "n't", ")"]
  • NEW: Official Python 3.8 wheels for spaCy and its dependencies.
  • Base language support for Korean.
  • Add Scorer.las_per_type (labelled depdencency scores per label).
  • Rework Chinese language initialization and tokenization
  • Improve language data for Luxembourgish.

🔴 Bug fixes

  • Fix issue #4573, #4645: Improve tokenizer usage docs.
  • Fix issue #4575: Add error in debug-data if no dev docs are available.
  • Fix issue #4582: Make as_tuples=True in Language.pipe work with multiprocessing.
  • Fix issue #4590: Correctly call on_match in DependencyMatcher.
  • Fix issue #4593: Build wheels for Python 3.8.
  • Fix issue #4604: Fix realloc in Retokenizer.split.
  • Fix issue #4656: Fix conllu2json converter when -n > 1.
  • Fix issue #4662: Fix Language.evaluate for components without .pipe method.
  • Fix issue #4670: Ensure EntityRuler is deserialized correctly from disk.
  • Fix issue #4680: Raise error if non-string labels are added to Tagger or TextCategorizer.
  • Fix issue #4691: Make Vectors.find return keys in correct order.

📖 Documentation and examples

  • Fix various typos and inconsistencies.

👥 Contributors

Thanks to @yash1994, @walterhenry, @prilopes, @f11r, @questoph, @erip, @richardpaulhudson and @GuiGel for the pull requests and contributions.