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spaCy Jupyter notebooks

An ongoing collection of Jupyter notebooks (formerly iPython notebooks) of easy-to-run spaCy examples and tutorials. To get started, simply fork or clone this repository, navigate to the new directory and run the notebook server:

git clone https://github.com/explosion/spacy-notebooks
cd spacy-notebooks
jupyter notebook

Table of contents

Notebook Content by Notebook by Description
lightning_tour @explosion @bhargavvader An overview of spaCy's functionality and its usage.
pycon_nlp @CytoraTech @CytoraTech spaCy introduction, and using spaCy to analyse Pride and Prejudice and the RAND dataset. Presented at PyCon UK 2016.
pydata_nlp @skipgram @skipgram Introduction to NLP in python using spaCy and gensim. Presented at PyData DC 2016.
advanced_text_analysis @JonathanReeve @JonathanReeve Advanced Text Analysis with spaCy and Scikit-Learn. Presented at NYU during NYCDH Week 2017.

Contribute a notebook

Have you created a Jupyter notebook featuring spaCy, or have you converted one of the existing examples or tutorials? We always appreciate pull requests to this repository! 👍

Please keep in mind that this repository is MIT-licensed, so we'll only be able to publish notebooks that are available under MIT or a more permissive license.