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include ../_includes/_mixins
| spaCy's models can be installed as #[strong Python packages].
| This means that they're a component of your application, just like any
| other module. They're versioned and can be defined as a dependency in your
| #[code requirements.txt]. Models can be installed from a download URL or
| a local directory, manually or via #[+a("") pip].
| Their data can be located anywhere on your file system.
+aside("Important note")
| If you're upgrading to spaCy v1.7.x or v2.x, you need to
| #[strong download the new models]. If you've trained statistical models
| that use spaCy's annotations, you should #[strong retrain your models]
| after updating spaCy. If you don't retrain, you may suffer train/test
| skew, which might decrease your accuracy.
include _models/_quickstart
+h(2, "available") Available models
include _models/_available-models
+button("/models", true, "primary", "small") View models directory
+h(2, "download") Installing and using models
include _models/_install
+h(2, "languages") Language support
include _models/_languages
+h(2, "production") Using models in production
include _models/_production