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Factorio scenario
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ExpGaming Scenario Repository

Use and Installation

  • Download the git repo
  • Move files into the scenario folder (C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Factorio\scenarios\ExpGamingScenario)
  • Make edits to role and group configs as well as any other configs that you want
  • Run the scenario under Play > Multiplayer > Host Scenario > ExpGamingScenario
  • All modules will be loaded if you have not removed any, any problems see log file

Creation of new modules

Forks and Pull Requests

  • We are happy for people to make pull requests if you wish to help make our server better
  • Your server is a community server, it is all about the people and feedback is good
  • Dont be afraid to make a pull request as if it fixes something then its a good change
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