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Latest commit dd30c59 Sep 25, 2018
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.github Update issue templates May 9, 2017
bin Merge exp.js and expo.js back together Mar 3, 2018
expo-cli Fix version numbers Aug 8, 2018
src OBLIGATORY_CREDS_KEYS.keys is not a function Aug 21, 2018
.babelrc Startup perf improvements Dec 13, 2016
.eslintrc.js Make xde/xdl/exp use eslint-config-universe Nov 27, 2017
.flowconfig User Accounts v0 Dec 21, 2016
.gitignore Remove expo-cli build files Jan 25, 2018 Release 55.0.5 Jul 12, 2018
LICENSE Initial commit Apr 28, 2015
Makefile bump versions in Makefiles Jul 7, 2016 Update Sep 25, 2018
package.json Fix powertools by upgrading XDL dependency of exp Aug 24, 2018

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