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sjchmiela [expo-file-system] Add support for ph:// scheme in FileSystem (#5195)
# Why

Should fix #4995.

# How

Added support for `ph://` scheme in FileSystem.

# Test Plan

With this change running
    first: 10,
    assetType: 'All',
  }).then(({ edges }) => FileSystem.getInfoAsync(edges[0].node.image.uri).then(console.log));
Object {
  "exists": true,
  "isDirectory": false,
  "modificationTime": 1526314683.382386,
  "uri": null,
instead of
[Unhandled promise rejection: Error: File 'ph://4607021A-7369-459C-881D-277E6612A4E7/L0/001' isn't readable.]
Latest commit ca7ff56 Aug 6, 2019


Provides access to the local file system on the device.

API documentation


This package is pre-installed in managed Expo projects. You may skip the rest of the installation guide if this applies to you.

For bare React Native projects, this package is included in react-native-unimodules. Please refer to those installation instructions to install this package.


Contributions are very welcome! Please refer to guidelines described in the contributing guide.

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