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Creating an App Store Connect Api Key

If you’d like to submit your iOS app to the Apple App Store with eas submit, you'll need an App Store Connect Api key or an App Specific Password. This page will guide you through the process of creating an App Store Connect Api key.

  1. Open the App Store Connect Portal and go to the Keys tab under the Users and Access section. We recommend browsing this UI in Safari as there have been known issues in other browsers.

  1. Press the big plus button beside the Active header.

  1. Give your key a name and an Admin level role.

  1. Click the Download API Key button to download the .p8 file.

  1. You'll also need to provide the following information to the submission service:
  • Key ID
  • Issuer ID

These can be found in the red boxes in the picture below:

  1. That's all! From now on, you can use the generated App Store Api key to submit your app with eas submit.