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Missing Privacy Policy

🤔 What Happened

If you're submitting your Android app to Google Play Store using expo upload:android, eas submit -p android, or the Google Play console, you may encounter an error saying you need to have a privacy policy set for your app. It would look something like this on the Google Play Console:

💡 Solution

Set Privacy Policy in Google Play Console ...

This page will guide you through setting a privacy policy in Google Play Console.

  1. Open Google Play Console, find your app on the list and click on View app to access to the dashboard.

  1. On the sidebar, choose App content (which located at the bottom) and click the Start button in the Privacy policy section.

  1. Fill in the Privacy Policy input and click Save.

  1. Edit your release App releases tab.

  1. Find your release in the App releases tab. Verify that no errors show up in the Review summary section.

... or Customize App Permissions

If your app is not using the permissions that Google Play Store detects, you can customize them, rebuild the app and submit it again. Learn more how to customize permissions here.