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presentNotificationAsync method is deprecated

🤔 What Happened

In older Notifications API implementations, presentNotificationAsync has always showed the implementation without any prerequisites.

Architecture changes in expo-notifications, aligning the module's logic closer to how native platforms work, allowed us to expose a much more powerful and customizable API, letting developers explicitly decide how a notification should be handled when the application is in foreground.

The default behavior applied for notifications triggered when the app is in foreground on both platforms is not to show the notification (the app will only get notified via event listeners), so in order to present the notification to the user, one will need to explicitly define an appropriate behavior.

In the first version of expo-notifications we have decided to leave presentNotificationAsync to help developers migrate their code more swiftly, but we have also deprecated it to gently prompt you move to the new API.

💡 Solution

Instead of presentNotificationAsync developers are encouraged to use setNotificationHandler and scheduleNotificationAsync.

setNotificationHandler lets you define a function called whenever a new notification is about to be presented in which you can decide how to handle the notification — whether to display the alert or not, whether to play a sound or not, etc.

The simplest notification handler imaginable would be:

import * as Notifications from 'expo-notifications';

  handleNotification: async () => {
    return {
      shouldShowAlert: true,
      shouldPlaySound: true,
      shouldSetBadge: true,

Just place this in your App.[ts|js] file and all the notifications triggered while your app is in foreground will: show an alert, play a sound and set the badge.

With this handler in place we can now schedule the notification with a trigger that will present the notification immediately, taking handler's configuration into account.

import * as Notifications from 'expo-notifications';

const content = { title: 'I am a one, hasty notification.' };

Notifications.scheduleNotificationAsync({ content, trigger: null });