A fork of io.js's util module that works with React Native
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This is a fork of io.js's "util" module that works with React Native. It is currently tracking io.js 2.3.1.


Install the package in your React Native project:

npm install react-native-util --save

Then require it from your JavaScript:

let util = require('react-native-util');
// or if you have enabled ES6 module syntax
import util from 'react-native-util';

Differences from io.js's "util"

  • Deprecated methods have been removed
  • deprecate has been removed since it relies on an internal io.js module
  • inherits has been removed since React Native supports classes
  • Promise introspection has been removed. Promises are printed out as regular JS objects.
  • isBuffer has been removed since there is no Buffer class
  • Unused private helper methods have been removed