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Web Support

Expo for Web enables you to create full-featured PWAs and mobile web experiences with React Native components, and APIs on the web with the React DOM package. Browse through our Native Component List running in the browser to see exactly how features work.

You can also check out for a list of platform support.

Name Status Info Library
SQLite expo-sqlite
DocumentPicker expo-document-picker
ImagePicker expo-image-picker
MailComposer expo-mail-composer
Svg expo-svg
Updates expo-updates
LinearGradient expo-linear-gradient
Linking expo
Util expo
SplashScreen expo
registerRootComponent expo
Asset expo-asset
Audio expo-av
Video expo-av
Camera expo-camera
Constants expo-constants
Platform expo-core
Font expo-font
GLView expo-gl
Localization expo-localization
Location expo-location
Permissions expo-permissions
Print expo-print
Accelerometer expo-sensors
Gyroscope expo-sensors
Speech expo-speech
SMS expo-sms
Icon @expo/vector-icons
Switch Navigator react-navigation
MapView 🔬 Experimental expo
BlurView 🔬 Experimental expo-blur
Tab Navigator Experimental react-navigation
PIXI.js 🔬 Experimental expo-pixi
THREE.js 🔬 Experimental expo-three
Action Sheet @expo/react-native-action-sheet
UI Alert Incomplete @expo/react-native-action-sheet
Drawer Navigator Incomplete react-navigation
Stack Navigator 🔬 Experimental react-navigation
Pan Gesture Incomplete react-native-gesture-handler
Tap Gesture Incomplete react-native-gesture-handler
Swipe Gesture Incomplete react-native-gesture-handler
Pinch Gesture Incomplete react-native-gesture-handler
GestureHandler Components Incomplete react-native-gesture-handler
Screens 🔬 Experimental react-native-screens
Facebook Incomplete expo-facebook
ImageManipulator expo-image-manipulator
ScreenOrientation expo-screen-orientation
WebBrowser Incomplete expo-web-browser
BackgroundFetch Incomplete expo-background-fetch
BarCodeScanner Incomplete expo-barcode-scanner
FacebookAds Incomplete expo-facebook-ads
FaceDetector Incomplete expo-face-detector
FileSystem Incomplete expo-file-system
GoogleSignIn Incomplete expo-google-sign-in
Segment Incomplete expo-analytics-segment
Google Incomplete expo
Notifications Incomplete expo
apisAreAvailable Incomplete expo
takeSnapshotAsync 🔬 Experimental expo
AppLoading Incomplete expo
Logs Incomplete expo
ErrorRecovery Incomplete expo
Sentry Incomplete sentry-expo
AR 📱 Native Only expo-ar
AuthSession 📱 Native Only expo-auth-session
Brightness 📱 Native Only expo-brightness
Calendar 📱 Native Only expo-calendar
Haptic 📱 Native Only expo-haptic
KeepAwake 📱 Native Only expo-keep-awake
SecureStore 📱 Native Only expo-secure-store
StoreReview 📱 Native Only expo-store-review
AdMobBanner 📱 Native Only expo-ads-admob
AdMobInterstitial 📱 Native Only expo-ads-admob
AdMobRewarded 📱 Native Only expo-ads-admob
PublisherBanner 📱 Native Only expo-ads-admob
AppAuth 📱 Native Only expo-app-auth
Contacts 📱 Native Only expo-contacts
LocalAuthentication 📱 Native Only expo-local-authentication
MediaLibrary 📱 Native Only expo-media-library
Pedometer 📱 Native Only expo-sensors
Barometer 📱 Native Only expo-sensors
Magnetometer 📱 Native Only expo-sensors
MagnetometerUncalibrated 📱 Native Only expo-sensors
TaskManager 📱 Native Only expo-task-manager
Amplitude 📱 Native Only expo
IntentLauncherAndroid 📱 Native Only expo
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