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React Native Exponea SDK

React Native Exponea SDK allows your application to interact with the Exponea Customer Data & Experience Platform. Exponea empowers B2C marketers to raise conversion rates, improve acquisition ROI, and maximize customer lifetime value.

React native is implemented in Typescript as a wrapper around native Android SDK and native iOS SDK.

Getting started

Install the package using npm or yarn:

  • $ yarn add react-native-exponea-sdk
  • $ npm install react-native-exponea-sdk --save

For projects using Expo, you'll need to switch to Bare Workflow using expo eject.

iOS setup

  • $ cd ios
  • $ pod install

Minimal supported iOS version for Exponea SDK is 12.4, you may need to change iOS version on the first line of your ios/Podfile to platform :ios, '12.4', or higher.

Android setup

You'll most likely need to enable multidex. Edit android/app/build.gradle and add multiDexEnabled true to android defaultConfig.

android {
    defaultConfig {
        multiDexEnabled true


If facing any issues, look for Troubleshooting section in the respective document.

Release Notes

Release notes for the SDK.