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Guess character encoding in your filenames
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Created for Artefactual Systems Inc.

Guess filename encodings... based on @richardlehane's characterize golang package.

Get up and running

Install and update dependencies:
go get -u

Run release script (if you are creating releases for multiple platforms):

Otherwise run go build or go install to create a single binary on your machine. The binary will be created in the current folder or $GOBIN.

Run command (or create alias):
path/to/release/your-release-version -file path/to/filename


A handful of binaries for different operating systems are created on release and are available here:


    ross-spencer@artefactual:~:$ fndec -h
    Usage of fndec:
      -file string
    	    File to read the filename from.
    	    Return version information.

Example output

alt text

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