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Netlify Status

This is the repository of the website It is hosted directly from the repository as a GitHub Pages website.

The main branch for this repository is gh-pages.

The live site is published off gh-pages.

Local Setup

To run website locally:

  1. Install Ruby and Bundler if you don't have them already.

Note: highly recommend installing rvm to install and manage Ruby

  1. Install Jekyll and other important Gems. cd to the repository directory and run the command:
$ bundle install
  1. Now do a build (this is only needed if pushing to GH pages)
$ bundle exec jekyll build
  1. Run Jekyll using the following command:
$ bundle exec jekyll serve
  1. You'll need to override _config.yml with the baseUrl set to "/"

  2. Load http://localhost:4000/ on your browser.

Auto Regeneration

By default, Jekyll will auto-regenerate the static pages if you change files through a built in filewatcher. You can simply refresh your browser to see the updates.


Jekyll uses a variant of Markdown known as Kramdown.

Jekyll uses the Liquid template engine for templating.

You can use GFM fenced code blocks.


var express = require('express')
var app = express()
    host: '*'
    paths: /help

Algolia Index

Docsearch is crawling our website every day in order to generate our search index.