some routes not working? #41

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environment: node v0.6.6 on windows with express 2.5.2/connect 1.8.3 and express-resource 0.2.3

Routes in the form of "/users/1/edit" do not work for me (e.g. I get "Cannot GET /users/1/edit" in the browser), whether or not they are a default route (such as "edit") or a custom mapped route (such as "send" in "/users/1/send"). However the other routes seem to work fine, those in the style of "/users" or "/users/1."

Here's a gist containing the setup that fails for me:


We have been experiencing the same problem, but only under windows. We tested our code on Ubuntu 11.10 and it is fine, but on windows we get "Cannot GET /users/1/edit".


I found the problem... I'll submit a pull request shortly.


This issue should probably be closed if it was fixed by the pull request.

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