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Add accepted type negotiation #47

bergie opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Currently express-resource uses the :format parameters for matching requested resource format (.xml, .json, etc).

In addition to this, it would be nice to support the HTTP Accept headers. connect-conneg provides a parser for them that organizes the requested formats by preference.

This can already be used with express-resource, but requires some boilerplate. First you need to add the conneg middleware:

server.use require('connect-conneg').acceptedTypes

And then handle the types in the default content negotiation handler:

default: (req, res, next) ->
  for type in req.acceptableTypes
    if this.html and type is 'text/html'
      return this.html req, res, next
    if this.json and type is 'application/json'
      return this.json req, res, next

It would be very useful if the default implementation of default did this, instead of falling back to 406 error.

tj commented

express 3x will have all these
but yup I agree this would be nice to have


@visionmedia great! It would be good to support the new Express 3x feature (req.accepted) and connect-conneg (req.acceptableTypes).

Want a pull request?

tj commented

yeah we could use that for now

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