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POST/PUT/DELETE -> Forbidden #53

panos-kosmidis opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Hello, POST/PUT/DELETE always return Forbidden, GET methods works fine... I tried to use the example

exports.index = (req, res) ->
  res.send "forum index"

exports["new"] = (req, res) ->
  res.send "new forum"

exports.create = (req, res) ->
  res.send "create forum" = (req, res) ->
  res.send "show forum " + req.params.api

exports.edit = (req, res) ->
  res.send "edit forum " + req.params.api

exports.update = (req, res) ->
  res.send "update forum " + req.params.api

exports.destroy = (req, res) ->
  res.send "destroy forum " + req.params.api

I used api resource name instead of forum for my test

So index,new,show,edit worked fine but create,update,destroy throw me Forbidden :/


Ok... it was because of csrf D A M N ! so many hours lost :P

tj commented

hahaha perhaps in development we should log a warning :D


or perhaps I need to go to bed because it is already 3:50am :P

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