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Express Charter

Section 0: Guiding Principles

The Express project is part of the OpenJS Foundation which operates transparently, openly, collaboratively, and ethically. Project proposals, timelines, and status must not merely be open, but also easily visible to outsiders.

Section 1: Scope

Express is a HTTP web server framework with a simple and expressive API which is highly aligned with Node.js core. We aim to be the best in class for writing performant, spec compliant, and powerful web servers in Node.js. As one of the oldest and most popular web frameworks in the ecosystem, we have an important place for new users and experts alike.

1.1: In-scope

Express is made of many modules spread between three GitHub Orgs:

  • expressjs: Top level middleware and libraries
  • pillarjs: Components which make up Express but can also be used for other web frameworks
  • jshttp: Low level HTTP libraries

1.2: Out-of-Scope

Section Intentionally Left Blank

Section 2: Relationship with OpenJS Foundation CPC.

Technical leadership for the projects within the OpenJS Foundation is delegated to the projects through their project charters by the OpenJS Cross Project Council (CPC). In the case of the Express project, it is delegated to the Express Technical Committee ("TC").

This Technical Committee is in charge of both the day-to-day operations of the project, as well as its technical management. This charter can be amended by the TC requiring at least two approvals and a minimum two week comment period for other TC members or CPC members to object. Any changes the CPC wishes to propose will be considered a priority but will follow the same process.

2.1 Other Formal Project Relationships

Section Intentionally Left Blank

Section 3: Express Governing Body

The Express project is managed by the Technical Committee ("TC"). Members can be added to the TC at any time. Any committer can nominate another committer to the TC and the TC uses its standard consensus seeking process to evaluate whether or not to add this new member. Members who do not participate consistently at the level of a majority of the other members are expected to resign.

Section 4: Roles & Responsibilities

The Express TC manages all aspects of both the technical and community parts of the project. Members of the TC should attend the regular meetings when possible, and be available for discussion of time sensitive or important issues.

Section 4.1 Project Operations & Management

Section Intentionally Left Blank

Section 4.2: Decision-making, Voting, and/or Elections

The Express TC uses a "consensus seeking" process for issues that are escalated to the TC. The group tries to find a resolution that has no open objections among TC members. If a consensus cannot be reached that has no objections then a majority wins vote is called. It is also expected that the majority of decisions made by the TC are via a consensus seeking process and that voting is only used as a last-resort.

Resolution may involve returning the issue to committers with suggestions on how to move forward towards a consensus. It is not expected that a meeting of the TC will resolve all issues on its agenda during that meeting and may prefer to continue the discussion happening among the committers.

Section 4.3: Other Project Roles

Section Intentionally Left Blank

Section 5: Definitions

Section Intentionally Left Blank