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Website Issues

Open issues for the website in

PRs and Code contributions


Use the master branch for bug fixes or minor work that is intended for the current release stream.

Use the correspondingly named branch, e.g. 5.0, for anything intended for a future release of Express.

Steps for contributing

  1. Create an issue for the bug you want to fix or the feature that you want to add.
  2. Create your own fork on github, then checkout your fork.
  3. Write your code in your local copy. It's good practice to create a branch for each new issue you work on, although not compulsory.
  4. To run the test suite, first install the dependencies by running npm install, then run npm test.
  5. Ensure your code is linted by running npm run lint -- fix any issue you see listed.
  6. If the tests pass, you can commit your changes to your fork and then create a pull request from there. Make sure to reference your issue from the pull request comments by including the issue number e.g. #123.

Issues which are questions

We will typically close any vague issues or questions that are specific to some app you are writing. Please double check the docs and other references before being trigger happy with posting a question issue.

Things that will help get your question issue looked at:

  • Full and runnable JS code.
  • Clear description of the problem or unexpected behavior.
  • Clear description of the expected result.
  • Steps you have taken to debug it yourself.

If you post a question and do not outline the above items or make it easy for us to understand and reproduce your issue, it will be closed.