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make test / make init distinction

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tj committed Mar 10, 2010
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@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ all: test
@git submodule init && git submodule update
-test: init
@$(NODE) spec/node.js all
app: app-chat
@@ -71,24 +71,16 @@ Below is a minimal app example when express is already within your load path.
## Running Tests
+First we need to ensure all submodules are updated:
+ $ make init
Express uses the [JSpec]( BDD JavaScript testing
framework to write and run elegant spec suites. JSpec is frozen
to spec/lib and does not require separate installation.
-To run all specifications run the following command. This will ensure
-git submodules are initialized and updated, as well as building test
-related dependencies such as libxmljs.
$ make test
-To run independent specs (which do not require building of external apis etc) use:
- $ make test-independant
-To run dependent specs (which require building of external apis etc) use:
- $ make test-dependant
Run individual suites:
$ node spec/node.js core
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