expresso tests are not working out of the box #484

sebs opened this Issue Dec 14, 2010 · 2 comments

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Running node-0.3.1, expresso 0.7.0 and express 1.0

ubuntu@ip-xx-xx-xx-xx:~/testproject$ expresso

app.test.js GET /: TypeError: Object function (fn){
process.addListener('beforeExit', function(){
try {
} catch (err) {
error(title, key, err);
} has no method 'response'

expressjs member
tj commented Dec 14, 2010

the params changed a bit for express 0.7.0, the first is no longer assert, I will update.

expressjs member
tj commented Dec 14, 2010

Fixed express(1) generated tests for express 0.7.0. Closed by 4732185

This issue was closed.
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