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Following my report of nodejs/node-v0.x-archive#2775, PURGE request supported has been added to node.js. In order to be usable with Express, the method needs to be added to lib/router/methods.js.

tj and others added some commits Jul 19, 2011
@tj tj qs >= 0.3.0 1ec16c0
@tj tj Fixed `res.send(204)` support. Closes #771 22204a5
@tj tj tweak generated stylus 4690b6c
@tj tj fixed a jade test 0e1eb72
@Swatinem Swatinem specialcase .:format routing to not include a dot in the capture group 45f22ec
@tj tj fixed * consumption ec4c86f
@tj tj added header.jade to jade example 9e9042f
@tj tj Fixed `res.header()` intention of a set, even when undefined 803ec21
@tj tj Fixed `res.send(204)` (again?) 271cb16
@tj tj empty string 21f9b38
@tj tj Release 2.4.4 75361fb
@tj tj docs a370039
@tj tj Added test for `app.param(fn)` af3f7f0
@tj tj added another test e2f4114
@tj tj Added test for multiple `app.param()` calls for the same param ce0fa0a
@tj tj Added support for multiple callbacks for `app.param()`. Closes #801
you can also make several calls to `app.param()` for the same
param name, which is equivalent to passing multiple in
a single call
@tj tj Fixed `res.redirect()` on windows due to `join()` usage. Closes #808 ac8cb27
@tj tj typo cddc544
@tj tj Added `app.routes.all()`. Closes #803
not a huge fan of this API-wise, but at least it is something for now
@tj tj Changed: removed .call(self) for route callbacks
not sure why we had this, ive never even used it
and the tests dont cover it, and its slower
@tj tj use nextRoute() internally fff6951
@tj tj qs >= 0.3.1 1dc4e6f
@tj tj Added "basepath" setting to work in conjunction with reverse proxies …
…etc. Closes #805

this will allow you to essentially "trick" the express
app into thinking it is mounted when it is not.
@tj tj Added support for routes to handle errors. Closes #809
currently only the route end-point callbacks
support this, however this will change in the near future
to support route middleware etc
@tj tj fixed route error handlers when errors are thrown 6b924bf
@tj tj Refactored Route to use a single array of callbacks adca07a
@tj tj typo. Closes #815 3a46660
@tj tj google analytics 71cc6ba
@tj tj docs 2fdd906
@tj tj Release 2.4.5 24a4a80
@tj tj bump express(1) version 45757a0
@tj tj fixed tests a6b70ce
@tj tj Fixed multiple param callback regression. Closes #824 [reported by Tr…
@tj tj Release 2.5.6 b078481
@tj tj logger for jade example 1301098
@tj tj Fixed absolute path checking on windows. Closes #829 [reported by and…
@tj tj Added shorthand for the parsed request's pathname 4f0b3f4
@tj tj Fixed `req.flash()`, only escape args 6692f91
@tj tj Fixed `res.redirect()` HEAD support. [reported by xerox] 00e44f6
@tj tj typo d3c4fd9
@tj tj Added simple json-config example
for some who might prefer this. there are benefits to both
@tj tj Added mkdirp to express(1). Closes #795 c2fc9a8
@tj tj connect 1.7.x to fix npm issue... 77f885d
@tj tj Release 2.4.7 5c04f85
@tj tj bump express(1) version 3bd4de7
@tj tj update jade dev dep 3e6f45c
@tj tj jade example using template inheritance a4aed5f
@tj tj clean up jade example 94a6f42
@tj tj remove test stuff 049a557
@tj tj Fixed express(1) public dir for windows. Closes #866 0f6a044
@tj tj readme 9348500
@tj tj OCD 09b5c79
@tj tj Removed `make test-cov` since it wont work with node 0.5.x 1cce4d9
@tj tj update expresso/should 1b25240
@tj tj fixing tests 458097f
@tj tj fixing tests 77c2d89
@tj tj Added npm install reminder to express(1) app gen b63f2ca
@tj tj Added ./routes dir for generated app by default f7d67ce
@tj tj Release 0.5.0 e2de941
@tj tj Release 2.5.0 95f6cda
@tj tj "node": ">= 0.4.1 < 0.7.0" 7c6c074
@tj tj Removed sass.js support from express(1)
sass.js is lame, use stylus
@tj tj typo b534600
@tj tj updated connect to 1.8.x bf78076
@tj tj Release 2.5.1 a7520ad
@tj tj fixed express(1) --version 02cdf0c
var version = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync(__dirname + '/../package.json', 'utf8')).version;


expressjs member

nooooosss that's uglay haha

expressjs member

that just reminded me that we can just require() json now in 0.6.x too whoop!

Oh yah, true that:

var version = require('../package.json').version;

Muuchhhh better! :)

tj and others added some commits Dec 10, 2011
@tj tj express(1) LF -> CRLF for windows ae2bcb2
@tj tj removed less support since compiler() has gone away c047b64
@tj tj Release 2.5.2 380a6c5
@tj tj connect 1.x dep 5cf8023
Atsuya Takagi determine enf of line based on os.platform. 0d0fd34
@tj tj Merge pull request #942 from atsuya/fix_eol
Use os.platform to determine End-of-line
@tj tj tweak eol 09c9537
@tj tj backported charset fix da3a743
@tj tj fixed a require 8b372b3
@tj tj Release 2.5.3 92c1c95
@tj tj Fixed express(1) eol on 0.4.x. Closes #947 20570fc
@tj tj Release 2.5.4 2ac612f
Matthew Leon Grinshpun set filename on cached templates 1773681
@tj tj Merge pull request #954 from matthewleon/filename_bug
In express 2.x, filename should be set on cached templates
@tj tj Release 2.5.5 45bb4af
@tj tj updated hamljs dev dep. Closes #953 ba80b7b
@tj tj Release 2.5.6 9dd7b7b
@Turbo87 Turbo87 bin/express: Removed whitespace / Added missing semicolon e8dd0a1
@tj tj Merge pull request #985 from Turbo87/patch-2
bin/express: Removed whitespace / Added missing semicolon
@mscdex mscdex Fix app.all to not execute twice for the same incoming DELETE method …
@mscdex mscdex Add test to check for multiple DELETEs in app.all 4363b20
@tj tj Release 2.5.7 5c962ba
@tj tj Merge pull request #992 from mscdex/patch-1
Fixed app.all to not execute twice for the same incoming DELETE request
@tj tj upgrade deps. Closes #991 508e8cc
@tj tj Release 2.5.8 5c50e3a
@mmalecki mmalecki Do not to call `app.address()` before `listening` event
According to nodejs/node-v0.x-archive@d3f6b09,
call to `net.Server.address()` should happen only after `net.Server`
emits `listening` event.
@tj tj Merge pull request #1007 from mmalecki/fix-boilerplate
[2.x] Do not to call `app.address()` before `listening` event
@papandreou papandreou req.accepts: */* wildcard fix.
Look for '*/*' anywhere in the Accept header instead of only supporting it when it's the exact value of the header.

IE8 sends:

    Accept: image/gif, image/jpeg, image/pjpeg, image/pjpeg, application/x-shockwave-flash, application/x-ms-application, application/x-ms-xbap, application/, application/xaml+xml, */*

for which req.accepts('html') returned false.
@tj tj Merge pull request #1020 from papandreou/2.x
req.accepts: */* wildcard fix
@pbuyle pbuyle Support PURGE request method. de4bc80
@pbuyle pbuyle closed this Mar 5, 2012
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