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Misc modules that extend Express or provide useful utilities.

Template Engines

Template engines that are Express compliant out of the box.

  • Jade -- Haml inspired template engine
  • Haml.js -- Haml implementation
  • EJS -- Embedded JavaScript template engine
  • hbs -- adapter for Handlebars.js, an extension of Mustache.js template engine
  • hulk-hogan -- adapter for Twitter's Hogan.js (Mustache syntax), with support for Partials
  • combyne.js -- A template engine that hopefully works the way you'd expect.
  • swig -- fast, Django-like template engine
  • whiskers -- small, fast, mustachioed
  • Blade -- HTML Template Compiler, inspired by Jade & Haml

    The Consolidate.js library unifies the APIs of these template engines to a single Express-compatible API.

Frameworks built with Express

  • base12 -- a web app platform, built on express 3. Ported from our 2-year evolving boilerplate at Skookum Digital Works.
  • Monorail.js -- Ultra lightweight MVC framework for Node.js
  • Locomotive -- Powerful MVC framework for Node.js. Inspired by Ruby on Rails.
  • RailwayJS -- High-level MVC framework inspired by RoR
  • Calipso -- A Content Management System based on Express & Mongoose
  • Derby -- A real-time, collaborative application framework
  • Bones -- A client/server application framework built with Express & Backbone
  • backbone-express-mongoose-socketio -- Boilerplate app supplying backbone, mongoose, and
  • Boilerplate -- boilerplate app supplying Express, Connect, Socket-IO, Jade and more.
  • Matador -- MVC framework by the guys at Twitter
  • Lemmy -- 49% Motherfucker | 51% Son of a Bitch Node.js + Express + Mocha flexible project boilerplate for Javascript/Coffee-Script coders written in Makefile.
  • Mojito -- Yahoo's MVC framework
  • Tower.js -- Full Stack Web Framework for Node.js and the Browser. Modeled after Ruby on Rails. Built for the client and server from the ground up.


Visit the Connect wiki for middleware.

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