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@@ -12,9 +12,9 @@ section
Enabling this setting has several subtle effects. The first of which is
that <code>X-Forwarded-Proto</code> may be set by the reverse proxy to
tell the app that it is https or simply http. This value is reflected
- by <a href="#req.protocol">req.protocol</a>.
+ by <a href="/api#req.protocol">req.protocol</a>.
- The second change this makes is the <a href="#req.ip">req.ip</a>
- and <a href="#req.ips">req.ips</a> values will be populated with
+ The second change this makes is the <a href="/api#req.ip">req.ip</a>
+ and <a href="/api#req.ips">req.ips</a> values will be populated with
<code>X-Forwarded-For</code>'s list of addresses.

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