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tj commented Jul 7, 2012

lots of books with connect / express now


tj commented Oct 11, 2012

too lazy to add them right now but:

Backbone Tutorials

Chapter on cross domain sessions within a single page application using Express

atsuya commented Oct 11, 2012

サーバサイドJavaScript Node.js入門

It's written in Japanese and will be published in Japan (2012/10/26 according to amazon :) ). We have one whole chapter dedicated to express and three other chapters that use express.

Programming in Coffeescript I find particularly interesting how this writer, who comes from the world of Ruby on Rails, uses Express to create the server side endpoints (see Chapter 10) for a Backbone, connect-assets, front-end syncing with MongoDB persistence.

Node.js & Co. is the first German book on Node.js and dedicates two chapters on how Connect and Express work, how they relate to each other, and what their concepts are.


defunctzombie commented Dec 16, 2013

Do we want a books section next to Community maybe?


tj commented Dec 18, 2013

I'd be down to list them in the community page maybe, as separate section, I just got a request to add one from Packt on the site as well

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