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An open source payment processing library for CodeIgniter
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CI-Merchant is no longer supported. Use Omnipay instead.

CI-Merchant was rewritten as a PHP 5.3+ Composer package, which will work with any PHP framework, not just CodeIgniter. CI-Merchant is no longer being actively developed or supported, so you should not use it on new projects, and all existing projects should upgrade to Omnipay as soon as possible.

For more details, see Omnipay PHP Payment Processing Library.

CI-Merchant Library

CI-Merchant is a driver-based payment processing library built specifically for use in CodeIgniter web applications. It allows you to integrate any supported payment gateway using a consistent API.


  • CodeIgniter 2.0+
  • PHP 5.2+


For complete documentation and examples please visit


If you are having general issues with CI-Merchant, we suggest posting your issue on Stack Overflow. Feel free to ping @expressodev on Twitter if you can't find a solution.

If you believe you have found a bug, please report it using the GitHub issue tracker, or better yet, fork the library and submit a pull request.


CI Merchant is released under the MIT License. For more information, see License.

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