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@fladd fladd released this Mar 9, 2017 · 370 commits to master since this release

Mar 2017

For installation instructions, please see!

For source tarball release, please download <link to .tar file coming soon>

New Features:

  • Python 3 compatibility
  • New Video stimulus implementation that supports a large range of formats
  • new global boolean constant expyriment.PYTHON3 indicates Python version
  • new io device: io.extras.TcpServer
  • new method to add full factorial designs:
    Block.add_trials_full_factorial & Experiment.add_blocks_full_factorial
  • Network inteface to Turbo-Satori: io.extras.TurbosatoriNetworkInterface
  • stimuli.Rectangle: Option to have rounded (anti-aliased) corners
  • rotate() method of stimuli applies filtering on the content now
  • randomize.coin_flip() with bias parameter ("unfair coins")
  • randomize.rand_norm() normally distributed random numbers
  • statistics module: std & variance
  • Eventfile.log has an optional log_event_tag for the logging of
    inter-event-intervalls. If this is defined a summary of the intervalls
    will be added to the event file.
  • All present methods have an optional log_event_tag that will be passed
    to Eventfile.log (see above)
  • New function: misc.has_internet_connection()
  • Notify when initializing system fonts takes longer
  • io.ParallelPort: new method get_driver()
  • New function: misc.which()


  • all wait methods (io and Clock) now
    (1) have process_control_events attribute to check for quit events from
    keyboard and mouse
    (2) have function attribute (callback_function) to repeatedly run a
    specific function in every loop iteration
    (3) pump the pygame event queue to (hopefully) prevent the OS to think the
    window is "not responding"
  • control.set_develop_mode: new skip_wait_methods attribute to ommit all wait
    functions in the experiment (for testing)
  • rename method: stimulus.replace --> stimulus.reposition
  • improvements to io.extras.TcpClient
  • move set_skip_wait_functions from misc to io
  • move is_idle_running, is_interactive_mode, is_android_running
    from control to misc
  • move get_module_hash_dictionary, get_experiment_secure_hash,
    module_hashes_as_string and get_system_info from expyriment to misc
  • Testsuite: Visual test will now colour code reported refresh rates


  • unicode bug on Windows for font files
  • unicode bug on Windows for Audio and Picture
  • bug fix in unicode2str
  • bug fix Experiment.add_experiment_info
  • bug: issue #65, tempfolder at multiuser systems
  • minor bug fixes in,
  • Cli: -0 option was not recognized
  • Correct anti-aliasing for Circle/Ellipse (now works on every background)
  • compatibility with pyserial version 3.0
  • ParallelPort: inpoutx64 should now work correctly
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