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Programmable XBee Trigger that is ZigBee Home Automation profile compliant. Possible to integrate with SmartThings Hub v3 or a separate ZigBee / XBee network. Includes a reference hardware design up to 4 channels with a full BOM, perfect for DIYselfers out there.

Used in real life to automate garage / gate automatons.

Hardware example


An assembled board without a mounted XBee radio. Metric scale for reference (cm.). Board dimension - 51 x 57 mm.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Designator Component Manufacturer Quantity SKU / Part nr. Spec Option
XB1 Programmable XBee (with RPSMA) Digi 1 XBP24CZ7SITB003 PDF
BR1 Bridge Rectifier DF01M ON Semiconductor 1 Mouser No: 512-DF01M PDF
C1 (C2) Electrolytic Capacitor - Radial 220uF 50V Panasonic. 1-2 Mouser No: 667-EEU-FM1H221. PDF.
PS1 DC/DC Isolated Converter Cosel MGFS1R5243R3 Cosel 1 Mouser No: 436-MGFS1R5243R3 PDF
Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4 Bipolar Transistor BC548BTA ON Semiconductor 4 Mouser No: 512-BC548BTA PDF
D1,D2,D3,D4 Diode 1N4004 ON Semiconductor 4 Mouser No: 863-1N4004RLG PDF
K1,K2,K3,K4 General Purpose Relay (APAN3103) Panasonic 4 Mouser No: 769-APAN3103 PDF
R1,R2,R3,R4 Resistor RN55D1801FB14 Vishay 4 Mouser No: 71-RN55D1801FB14 PDF
XB1 10 pin header for XBee Harwin 2 Mouser No: 855-M22-7131042 PDF
J1 2 pin Terminal Block (PCB) Molex 1 Mouser No: 538-39501-1002 PDF A
2 pin Terminal Plug Molex 1 Mouser No: 538-39500-0002 PDF A
J2 9 pin Terminal Block (PCB) Molex 1 Mouser No: 538-39501-1009 PDF A
9 pin Terminal Plug Molex 1 Mouser No: 651-1908101 PDF A
J1 2 pin Fixed Terminal Block (PCB) Molex 1 Mouser No: 538-39357-0002 PDF B
J2 9 pin Fixed Terminal Block (PCB) Molex 1 Mouser No: 538-39357-0009 PDF B
Antenna with RP-SMA Connector Linx Technologies 1 Mouser No: 712-ANT-2.4-CW-RAH PDF
JP1 6 pin Debug Header Molex 1 Mouser No: 538-22-28-8065 PDF O
J3 2 pin Reset Header Molex 1 Mouser No: 538-22-28-5027 PDF O

Standard 3.5 width headers are used. Option A) uses pluggable termination; B) Fixed screw termination; O) Parts are optional and meant for development; Components can easily be switched with other termination blocks or use direct wire soldering.


  • On 32bit Linux target, simply: make
  • On 64bit Linux target:
    • Intall 32bit compatible libraries: sudo apt-get install lib32stdc++6
    • make
  • On MacOS:
    • Install Docker
    • make builddocker
    • make dall



Send a Unicast ZCL "On" command to trigger the connected relay for 125ms (Relay 1). The state of the switch remains in "Off" state. Broadcast command is ignored by default.

Endpoint: 0xEA,
clusterId: 0x0006,
profileId: 0x0104,
command: 0x01


The following defines can be altered in custom.h prior to compilation to change the behavior how the Trigger works:

Name Description Default
PXBEE_TRIGGER_IGNORE_BROADCAST When enabled, ignores broadcast commands and reacts only when unicast messages are sent to the specific address (ignores All On/All Off commands). Enabled
ZCL_MANUFACTURER The reported manufacturer string. For SmartThings local execution support without custom device handler, set this to "Leviton". "PXBee"
ZCL_MODEL The reported model string. For SmartThings local execution support without custom device handler, set this to "ZSS-10". "Trigger"


Endpoint Description
0xEA Relay 1
0xEB Relay 2
0xEC Relay 3
0xED Relay 4
0xEE Auxiliary binary input endpoint


This project is based on exsilium/pxbee-blink-led boilerplate and includes the full Digi XBee SDK version 1.6.0 sources.

Includes the necessary build binaries:

HI-CROSS+ ANSI-C Compiler for HC08 V-5.0.39, Dec 13 2011
HI-CROSS+ SmartLinker V-5.0.48, Dec 13 2011
HI-CROSS+ Burner V-5.0.16, Dec 13 2011
(c) Copyright Freescale 1987-2010

If not otherwise noted, the added code is BSD licensed.


Programmable XBee trigger for relay impulse. For automating things that are not yet automated.








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