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The extempore mode for the Emacs text editor.
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Extempore Emacs Mode

A major mode for editing Extempore code. See the Extempore project page at for more details.


Available through MELPA:

M-x package-install RET extempore-mode RET

If you don't want to get it from MELPA, just download the file and use package-install-file

(package-install-file "/path/to/extempore-mode.el")


The most important commands are

M-x extempore-connect-or-disconnect (C-c C-j)

Connect the current extempore-mode buffer to a running Extempore process---this is necessary to begin sending code for evaluation. An Extempore process may have multiple connected buffers, and each buffer can be connected to multiple Extempore processes. If called with a prefix arg, disconnect current buffer.

M-x switch-to-extempore (C-c C-z)

Switch to the Extempore process buffer running in Emacs. If not currently running, prompt to start one.

M-x extempore-send-definition (C-c C-c, C-M-x)

Send the Extempore form under point (or a whole region, if region is active) to all Extempore processes connected to the current buffer.

M-x extempore-repl (C-c C-c, C-M-x)

Create an Extempore REPL buffer.


extempore-mode requires Emacs 24, because it inherits from prog-mode (via lisp-mode)

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