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fix typo in doc #254

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Boris Faure Loïc Hoguin
Boris Faure

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Loïc Hoguin


Loïc Hoguin

Hey, can you send a patch for master? I renamed the module to cowboy_req. Just wants to keep the author correct, but if you don't care I can commit myself. Thanks!

Boris Faure

I will do it while at home tonight.

Loïc Hoguin essen merged commit 1f6c324 into from
Loïc Hoguin essen closed this
Loïc Hoguin


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Sep 17, 2012
Boris Faure fix typo in doc 9393613
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  1. 2  src/cowboy_req.erl
2  src/cowboy_req.erl
@@ -712,7 +712,7 @@ skip_body(Req) ->
712 712
 		{error, Reason} -> {error, Reason}
713 713
714 714
-%% @doc Return the full body sent with the reqest, parsed as an
+%% @doc Return the full body sent with the request, parsed as an
716 716
 %% application/x-www-form-urlencoded string. Essentially a POST query string.
717 717
 %% @todo We need an option to limit the size of the body for QS too.
718 718
 -spec body_qs(Req)

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