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@@ -6,7 +6,28 @@ Elevator control system demonstrating Erlang/OTP upgrades.
-I will need to ninja many people to fill that one in!
+Originally written by Håkan Huss in the late 90s at Erlang Systems.
+It was part of the 5-day Erlang Literacy course aimed at test and
+support staff of the GPRS project. It was used as a lab exercise
+in several parts of the course to practise different topics such
+as behaviours, supervisors, release handling, etc. The first exercise
+using the elevator example was the mentioned "bug" that the elevator
+always stopped at every floor (it is actually not a bug, but an
+elevator scheduler which is trivially guaranteed to fulfill the
+requirements on elevator scheduling used in the example). Several
+refinements of the scheduling were made in the course lab exercises.
+Since the purpose of the exercise was to use many different aspects
+of Erlang and OTP, the code has been written to use many behaviours
+rather than to be the "best" solution for the problem. The resulting
+architecture should still be pretty good, though.
+It has also been used to demonstrate how Quick Check can test
+elevator systems, and featured in a few academic papers.
+Thanks go to Francesco Cesarini and Håkan Huss for the historical
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