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Setting max connections causes problems when switching between numbers and infinity #30

fishcakez opened this Issue January 24, 2013 · 2 comments

1 participant

James Fish
James Fish

There is a race condition that can causes acceptors to crash after using set_max_connections/2, as an attempt to update element on non existing ets object (deleted by listener).

After switching from integers to infinity the listener gen_server may attempt to write to the (non existing) ets object and crash. This occurs when rm_diff =0 and a monitored process (from before the switch) dies.

It is possible there are other issues involved here too.

Edit: This should be solved when custom supervisor implemented.

James Fish

This replaces #27 and #28

James Fish

Solved by custom supervisor.

James Fish fishcakez closed this March 30, 2013
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