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Extent CLI for .NET Test Frameworks (Deprecates ReportUnit)
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Extent .NET CLI

The extentreports-dotnet-cli deprecates ReportUnit. Extent Framework is actively maintained and allows using a host of reporters making it very simple to generate test reports. Klov is the framework's report server and can also be integrated as part of this CLI.


A sample created from NUnit results.xml available here.


CLI Args

Arg Details
-i TestRunner results file
-d TestRunner results directory to process multiple files at once
-o Report output directory
-r List of Reporters [html, v3html], html (default)
-p TestRunner [NUnit]
--merge Merge multiple results file into a single report

Processing a single file

The default usage creates a HTML report using the default version 4 ExtentHtmlReporter:

extent -i results/nunit.xml -o results/

Processing multiple files at once

To process multiple files at once, use -d to specify the directory where the files are present.

extent -d results/ -o results/

The command above creates multiple HTML outputs, one for each results file. To combine all results into a single HTML file, use the --merge option:

extent -d results/ -o results/ --merge

Specifying the reporter to use:

It is possible to specify the reporter or outputs by specifying them using -r:

extent -i results/nunit.xml -o results/ -r v3html

Do not use html and v3html reporters at once as this may result in clashes.



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