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cSNMP Resource

This is a Desired State Configuration resource that'll help you configure SNMP on your Windows Servers.

It's build and designed for PowerShell v4 & v5. It has been tested only on Windows Server 2012R2 US & FR versions.

How install it ?

In order to install it, just downlooad the zip from Github and extract it in your Powershell Module Path.

Whant to use PSGallery ?

Here is the link: https://www.powershellgallery.com/packages/cSNMP

What resources are available ?

Right now there are 5 resources availables:

  1. cSNMPCommunity - It'll create/remove the community and the rights associated on it.
  2. cSNMPEnableAuthenticationTrap - It'll enable/disable the authentication for traps.
  3. cSNMPManager - You can add/remove with this resource as many IP for your Nagios servers.
  4. cSNMPTrapCommunity - It'll help you assign/unassign a specific community for traps.
  5. cSNMPTrapDestination - Set/Unset the destination for your traps.

How to use them ?

here is an example of what can be done.

Configuration Test {
	Import-DscResource -ModuleName cSNMP
		Node localhost {
			WindowsFeature SNMPService {
			    Name = 'SNMP-Service'
				Ensure = 'Present'
			WindowsFeature SNMPRSAT {
				Name = 'RSAT-SNMP'
				Ensure = 'Present'
		    cSNMPCommunity Community {
			    Community = "Test"
			    Right = "ReadOnly"
			    Ensure = "Present"
			    DependsOn = '[WindowsFeature]SNMPRSAT' 

After that you should now how to apply it - Test and Start-DSCConfiguration :)