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  • cover-artworks

    Cover art pages that introduce exhibitions.

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  • anna-tokareva

    A fictional pharmaceutical company website. BYMG™ uses a specific set of UI and UX methods from biotech companies that want to increase their website visibility, and looks at how these SEO processes encourage a fabrication of ambiguous tales around medical research institutions. In collaboration with Anna Tokareva.

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  • acqua-vrzal

    "?/§nake/girl/?": a net art collaboration with artist Acqua Vrzal in Berlin. Mixing liquify filters and magic wand selection tools in Photoshop with glitches and lags in CSS animation filters, the project questions what alternatives can be found in exploring the self via grainy DIY imagery, distortion, and fantasy narratives.

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  • georgina-tyson

    "Overshare": browser history art, concept developed by Georgina Tyson who investigates sex work, social class and the internet.

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  • proxy-mund

    "(+dis-)embodiment": a collaborative net art exhibition with techno-feminist duo Proxy Mund that play with ideas of hegemony, self-optimisation and work culture.

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