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Daniël Klabbers edited this page Aug 15, 2017 · 1 revision

By enabling sync in your Bazaar we will be able to help you out in several ways.

Staying up to date

We will be aware about the version of extensions you've installed. Once a new version is released or once we notice you haven't updated outdated extensions we will send out an email to the account connected to your Bazaar.

In order to know this information we regularly have our website connect with your Bazaar using an api endpoint available to us and validated by an unique token. Once the request is approved Bazaar will push your composer.lock file to our website. In addition whenever you install, update or delete an extension we will have your Bazaar update the records on This is the "sync", we know what extensions you use to assist you in keeping your Flarum installation up to date and safe.

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