Search Evolution CMS Database & Files for compromised code, malware or any RegEx-string
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EvoCheck 0.3

A small assistant to help resolving issues or finding compromised code in an Evolution-CMS installation for the seldom case, it has been "hacked".

  • Search DB (Plugins, Snippets etc) and Files for any string (RegEx supported)
  • Files can be filtered by touch-date (useful, but not relyable!)
  • Show summary all found strings with highlighting
  • Show a list of plugins assigned to critical plugin-events
  • Same check and report of all files that are set in MODX Config under "Check Files on Login" (index.php, .htaccess etc.)
  • v0.2: Check system-settings "paths"
  • v0.2: Add customizable index.html to all directories (add, overwrite or delete all index.html < x bytes)
  • v0.2: Option to pre-select most common RegEx-strings (list will be extended by experience)
  • v0.2: Redesigned dashboard and search-module
  • v0.3: "Integrity Check" - Check for any files that might have been changed since creating of an Integrity-Image
  • v0.3: "Adminer" - now included directly in EvoCheck

By uploading "EvoCheck" only when needed, it is guaranteed EvoCheck has not been compromised and is fully working. Evocheck can be used as a module, or in standalone-mode.

  • install via Extras-module


  • Download package
  • Unzip package and upload to your MODX-root directory
  • use standalone-mode or create new module with the code of install/assets/modules/evocheck.tpl and reload manager

To run EvoCheck standalone, open http(s):// and login with your DB-user and DB-password.


Experienced users will not need this manual. It is just a simple try of explanation to none-experienced users, to enable them start investigating on their own and get more help at .

  • Log into manager and run module "EvoCheck" or open http(s):// and login with your database-details
  • search database & files and check for suspicious code, that in most cases is made not readable for humans by intention, like
    • eval(base64_decode("aWYgKCFkZWZpbmVkKCdBTFJFQURZX1JVTl8xYmMyOWIzN.....
    • $nds3 = $ymdq98[7].$ymdq98[1].$ymdq98[8].$ymdq98[6]
    • to be continued..
  • Not every piece of code looking suspicious is part of a hack, therefore before altering any files or DB-tables, make a backup first!
  • The "Changed-after"-date is not relyable! File-dates can be easily modified on many servers using PHPs touch()-function
  • Click "Delete me now" when you finished work, or delete EvoCheck manually if "Delete me now" throws an error.


  • improve/refactor renderSummary() / highlighting ?
  • check UTF-8 support for highlighting etc
  • add searching "TemplateVars" as they also support eval() ?


  • v0.3 Added "Integrity Check" and "Adminer"
  • v0.2 module and standalone-version, added "index.html"-feature
  • v0.1 initial release (standalone only)