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@github-actions github-actions released this 22 Nov 11:01
· 7 commits to master since this release

[0.22.1] - 2022-11-22

Bugfix followup release - check 0.22.0 notes for more infos (inserted below)!


  • new arg --polling to use poll-based change detection and not filesystem watcher (use if you see problems running into file descriptor limits)


  • improve performance by requesting branches info asynchronous (92f63d1)
  • fix app startup delay due to using file watcher (#1436)
  • make git tree file fetch async (#734)

[0.22.0] - 2022-11-19

submodules view


commit message history



  • submodules support (#1087)
  • remember tab between app starts (#1338)
  • repo specific gitui options saved in .git/gitui.ron (#1340)
  • commit msg history (#1345)
  • customizable cmdbar_bg theme color & screen spanning selected line bg [@gigitsu] (#1299)
  • word motions to text input [@Rodrigodd] (#1256)
  • file blame at right revision from commit-details [@heiskane] (#1122)
  • dedicated selection foreground theme color selection_fg (#1365)
  • add regex-fancy and regex-onig features to allow building Syntect with Onigumara regex engine instead of the default engine based on fancy-regex [@jirutka]
  • add vendor-openssl feature to allow building without vendored openssl [@jirutka]
  • allow copying marked commits [@remique] (#1288)
  • feedback for success/failure of copying hash commit [@sergioribera](#1160)
  • display tags and branches in the log view [@alexmaco] (#1371)
  • display current repository path in the top-right corner [@alexmaco](#1387)
  • add Linux targets for ARM, ARMv7 and AARCH64 [@adur1990] (#1419)
  • display commit description in file view [@alexmaco] (#1380)
  • allow launching editor from Compare Commits view (#1409)


  • remove insecure dependency ansi_term (#1290)
  • use filewatcher instead of polling updates (#1)



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