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Slack check in bot

Web-service created to simplify and improve quality of daily check-ins in Slack.

Slack Checkiner

Required setup

  1. Create a new Slack App:
  2. Obtain Client ID and Client Secret for newly created Slack App Slack Credentials
  3. Duplicate example.env file as .env and update env vars with your slack credentials and target channel. You can use either channel id or channel name.
  4. If you'd like to enable automatic link generation for mentioned JIRA tickets, generate JIRA API token
  5. Put your gathered JIRA token in previously created .env file along with your Atlassian email and JIRA domain.
  6. In case if you don't want to include JIRA links in your check-in message, simply remove all JIRA_* envs from .env file.

Docker deployment

  1. Make sure your .env file is created and updated with according credentials as mentioned before.
  2. Build an image with docker run or use docker compose up -d --build
  3. By default application runs on port 3010

Next.js telemetry

By default Next.js collects anonymous telemetry about general usage.

See for more info.


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