Calculate the nearest airport of each zipcode using Python.
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Nearest Airport

Calculate the nearest airport of each zipcode using Python. Based on Haversine formula

Keywords: Python, Pandas, Geographical Data, Geography


Nearest Airport

Business Use Case

  1. Sales Territory Planning
  • Determine if any targeted location can easily be accessed.


  1. World Airports - Source:
  2. Zipcodes - Source: AggData.con


  1. CSV file per state/region, which contains the following:
  • All zipcodes
  • Nearest airport (code, lat and long) of each zipcode


  1. Nearest distance is based on Haversine formula
  2. Check out my logs for more

Sample Data: 90210, California

Out of 558 airports in California, what's the nearest airport to Beverly Hills, LA?

zipcode country state state_full county latitude-zip longitude-zip
90210 US CA California Los Angeles 34.0901 -118.4065

Based on the script, the nearest airport to 90210 is: KSMO is Santa Monica Municipal Airport

nearest-airport latitude-air longitude-air distance (km)
KSMO 34.01580048 -118.4509964 9.222835746

Let's validate the model by plotting in Google Maps:

Nearest Airport

  • The black line indicates the distance of 9.20 km from 90210 to the airport, which is close to 9.22km!

  • Note that the formula doesn't consider the actual roads in the location. Haversine simply calculates the distance from point A to point B.

Now, here's the second nearest airport: Bob Hope Airport (KBUR)

nearest-airport latitude-air longitude-air distance (km)
KBUR 34.20069885 -118.3590012 13.05176636

Nearest Airport

  • Distance based on Haversine: 13.05 km
  • Distance based on Google Maps 13.03 km

Possible Enhancements

  1. Add Part 2: travelability scores through Pandas binning