Open source education materials for educators and artists working with STEAM subjects
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Welcome to Eyebeam Open Education

Eyebeam is working with educators to develop an open source curriculum repository for teachers and organizations to easily access workshop ideas for STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) based learning.

We work open because we believe developing learning materials with the insight and input of a diverse audience will create a better end result. We hope you agree and encourage you to read more about the project and how you can get involved!

For our Teaching Artists

  • Please use this template to create a handout for the workshop you will be teaching at Eyebeam.
  • Here's an example of what it looks like filled in.

About Us

Eyebeam's educational programming is artist-led and is core to furtherance of Eyebeam’s mission. We believe in:

  • Openness: to teach technology through art, encouraging self-expression and inquiry with the goal to create learning habits that are long lasting and self-perpetuating.
  • Justice: to engage students to think critically about technology practices and how they can be used to further social justice, equality and activism.
  • Invention: to empower youth to see technology as a tool for creation, enabling them to be producers, not only consumers.
  • Access: to teach fundamental technology concepts pairing minimal materials with maximum impact.

During our flagship education program, Digital Day Camp, students work alongside artist-educators engaging in hands-on workshops focusing on software, hardware, tools, careers in the field, and social issues around a unifying topical theme (the theme for 2017 was 'POWER'). We challenge youth to apply creative thinking strategies across a range of tools with the goal to develop critical, empowering and long-lasting relationships with technology and see their role in it as agents of change.

Eyebeam has a 19 year history offering innovative educational programs led by our residents and alumni. The Eyebeam residency is a prestigious award for artists engaged with technology and technologists working in the arts.

Project description

This project is intended to first provide a template for our teaching artists to document their lessons with a larger goal to share the curriculum for wider use in classrooms, libraries, after school programs or anywhere STEAM programming can be offered.

Our mission with this project is to:

  • Provide free, workshop materials and class exercises
  • Provide a platform for students & teachers to provide feedback and iterate on our curriculum
  • Have a consistent location and format for Eyebeam’s education materials

The project will be developed on GitHub so that anyone can contribute resources and feedback as well as provide links to outside tools for easier contribution.

Get involved

This project benefits from your feedback!

Experience has shown us that teaching the same class in different environments requires different tactics. Things like class size, duration, available resources and subject familiarity affect how the curriculum is delivered. We want to hear what specific challenges you face - our goal is to provide adaptable and flexible curriculum that will work anywhere.

This curriculum will evolve over time based on our experiences, what we hear from you and new tools and technology that become available. If you would like to get involved, please take a look at our roadmap to see where we are at in our development cycle and how you can contribute. We'd love to hear your thoughts.


Hi, I'm Lauren and I manage the educational programs at Eyebeam. You can contact me by email at or on Twitter at @poohlaga.

If you want to report a problem or make a suggestion, the easiest thing to do is to open an issue within this GitHub repository.

You can learn more about the education programs at Eyebeam from our website or follow Eyebeam on Twitter: @eyebeamnyc or GitHub: @eyebeam.


  • STEAM: Science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics
  • README file: a document that introduces an open project to the public and any potential contributors
  • Repository or Repo: a collection of documents related to your project, in which you create and save new code or content
  • Roadmap: a document outlining the schedule of work to be done on a project
  • Milestone: an event or state marking a specific stage in development on the project
  • Issue: the GitHub term for tasks, enhancements, and bugs for your projects