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* Hari Balakrishnan, who advised this work and came up with the name.
* Paul Williams (, whose reverse-engineered vt500 state
diagram is the basis for the Mosh parser.
* The anonymous users who contributed session logs for tuning and
measuring Mosh's predictive echo.
* Nickolai Zeldovich for helpful comments on the Mosh research paper.
* Richard Stallman for helpful discussion about the capabilities of
the SUPDUP Local Editing Protocol.
* Nelson Elhage
* Christine Spang
* Stefie Tellex
* Joseph Sokol-Margolis
* Waseem Daher
* Bill McCloskey
* Austin Roach
* Greg Hudson
* Karl Ramm
* Alexander Chernyakhovsky
* Peter Iannucci
* Evan Broder
* Neha Narula
* Katrina LaCurts
* Ramesh Chandra
* Peter Jeremy
* Ed Schouten
* Ryan Steinmetz
* Jay Freeman