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Awesome Journalism

This is a collection of awesome things (preferably open source) to make your journalism better. Please add anything you think everyone should know about.

How to add an awesome thing

  • open an issue with a link; or
  • fork the repo, add something, send a pull request


  • ChartBuilder - Chartbuilder is a front-end charting application that facilitates easy creation of simple beautiful charts.
  • Datawrapper - Create charts and maps in just four steps. This tool reduces the time you need to create visualizations from hours to minutes.
  • Raw - Tool to create interactive graphics from tabular data
  • charted - Create charts from CSVs or spreadsheet links
  • timeline.js - Creates timelines that are easy and intuitive to use

Data Processing

  • Open Refine - Tool for working with messy data (cleaing, transforming, filtering, etc.).
  • Mr. DataConverter - Converts Excel data into a web-friendly formats (HTML, JSON and XML).
  • csvkit - Suite of command line tools for converting to and working with CSV files.
  • agate - Python data analysis library, an alternative to numpy or pandas.
  • proof - Python library for creating repeatable data pipelines.
  • jq - A lightweight and flexible JSON processor (slice, filter, map and transform data).
  • konklone - Simple JSON to CSV converter


  • DocumentCloud - DocumentCloud is a catalog of primary source documents and a tool for annotating, organizing and publishing them on the web.


  • Pinpoint and Pinpoint Editor - Web app for quickly creating and editing Pinpoint maps
  • Mapshaper - Tool to simplify and convert Geojson, Topojson and shapefiles.
  • Mapbox Studio - Tool to create custom map styles.
  • - Web based tool to create and manipulate geo-files(geojson, topojson, kml, shp, etc).
  • mapstarter - Web based tool to create interactive maps based on d3.js.
  • ogr2ogr web client - Converts several types of geo formats to Geojson.
  • cartodb - Tool to create interactive maps.
  • storymap.js - Tool to help you tell stories on the web with interactive maps.
  • Odyssey - Tool to create interactive map based stories.
  • dropchop - Browser-based GIS powered by Mapbox.js and Turf.js

Memes and Share Graphics

  • Meme - Meme is a generator that Vox Media uses to create social sharing images. See working version at
  • CardKit - CardKit is flexible, SVG image / card creation tool, with simple configuration options, which is easy to extend.
  • Quotable - Quotable is an app that lets you make sharable images out of quotations.



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