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An addon for skript that adds Citizens support, EffectLib support and other features.
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skRayFall is officially hosted on bukkit and can be downloaded here.




skRayFall is an addon for the Skript language. Get the bleeding edge tools and features that will help make your server come alive and take it to the next level. Skript is the most popular high level coding language designed for minecraft, allowing you to make awesome features faster and easier then in java.


Currently skRayFall adds over 100 extremely powerful syntax elements to the skript language and bridges many popular plugins into the language. These plugins include:

It adds many new possibilities like being able to control the path finding of NPC's, changing the sidebar, tablist, undername of players and even contains many features for RPG servers like events for when a certain slot is clicked on the player's crafting inventory.


To install skRayFall first make sure you have skript installed. Then just add the jar to your plugins folder and code away! Check out our documentation above for a full list of all possibilities. Here is a small example on how easy it can be to make custom scoreboards for individual players:

command /sidebar:
		set name of sidebar of player to "&eI'm a sidebar!"
		set score "&5A Score" in sidebar of player to 10

More examples can be found on the Skript forums and the skUnity forums.

Legacy Versions of skRayFall can be found here.


skRayFall is an open source project that is always looking for contributors. If you are interested in contributing to skRayFall please feel free to submit merge requests. If you have any questions about the code, skUnity is the best place to contact me. This project follows the Google Java Style Guide with some exceptions in package and class naming conventions. These exceptions are to prevent confusion based on class and package targeting for different Minecraft versions.

A detailed wiki guide will be coming soon on how to set up and build skRayFall in your own development environment since there are many dependencies that must be included locally but can not be included in the repo because of copyright laws. In the meantime, the pom.xml file should outline what other plugins must be present in a "libs" folder in order to build the project.


This plugin checks Bukkit Dev for updates when it starts up and will let you know about them. This feature can be disabled in the config by setting "UpdateAlerts" to false. If you do not see an option for it please delete your config and restart the server to allow it to reload. Then adjust the settings and restart the server once more.


Usage metrics for skRayFall can be found here.

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