Atom Editor packages list file for bulk installed extensions quickly.
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Atom Editor packages list files for batch(bulk) installed packages easily.

Chinese Readme 中文解說

How to use:

Use command line apm tool. Change the package-list-file.txt to general.txt/react.txt/rn.txt/sass.txt/md.txt/php.txt below.

apm install --packages-file package-list-file.txt


  • Mac OS X
  • Windows(10)


!! Basic usage, install this first.

  • general.txt


  • sass.txt


  • react.txt

React Native

  • rn.txt


  • md.txt

PHP Development

!! To install php in your computer first.

  • php.txt

Chinese Language Menu

  • cht.txt


Your computer need over 400MB space and it cost you 15~30 mins to install all packages above.

  • atom-ternjs: if it isn't worked, downgrade to 0.14.2 version.
  • sync-settings: for backup settings. You need a github account
  • nuclide: contains many extensions. (!!NOTE: some features are NOT supported Windows)



  • add nuclide.txt
  • rename web.txt to general.txt


  • remove all verion annotation, apm now will install the latest version of packages.
  • add sass.txt and rn.txt.
  • add some packages for web and markdown usage.