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Changelist from 3.0.1 > 3.1


  • Internal server updated to mvdsv 0.32 (can run KTX again)
  • Support for large map formats (BSP29a and BSP2) and corresponding FTE extensions added
  • Server browser in OSX: URL sources fixed
  • Client-crash during /vid_restart due to console background settings fixed
  • FTE's VOIP support re-introduced (removed in 3.0). Must have SDL 2.0.5 or higher for microphone support.
  • Support for MVDSV protocol extension, improved coord accuracy for players & entity locations only (smoother gameplay on high ping)
  • Support for MVDSV protocol extension to help with movement through teleports on high ping (/cl_pext_lagteleport 1 to enable)

Demo playback

  • Various bugs fixed with /cl_multiview, particularly when using /cl_mvinset 1
  • Matchless .mvd files should now play back correctly
  • Trying to spectate a ghost/invalid-player now moves on to the next player, rather than 'sticking' on the current
  • /mvd_autotrack_team no longer sometimes switches back to generic autotrack selection
  • Item timer wasn't spawned for 2nd mega when player holds 2 megas and health falls under 100h
  • Item timer not spawned if player with mega fell under 100h but immediately picked up standard health
  • Item timer not spawned if player picked up armor after previously dying with armor left over
  • Item timers/game-clock could be incorrect on long server uptimes or long QTV connections
  • Connecting to a game in progress broadcast by QTV 1.11 should immediately set correct gametime
  • Connecting to server with protocol extensions doesn't break subsequent .dem playback
  • Added $demoname and $demolength (expected length of demo in seconds) macros to help with demo capture
  • /cl_demospeed now ignored during timedemo (some logic would think the game was paused)
  • /demo_capture in image mode will now also produce a .wav file of the corresponding audio
  • /demo_capture_background_threads allows background writing of screenshots
  • Can now playback demo files from within .zip files on linux systems
  • Client disconnections in .qwd with no explanation (client kicked in KTPRO?) doesn't end playback
  • /demo_jump_mark now detects marked points by any player/spec, not just the one currently tracked
  • /demo_jump_rewind added, when demo mark detected the client will play this many seconds prior to the mark being inserted


  • New Hud changes
    • all hud elements should now support the 'scale' property
    • frags hud element has extra fliptext options, and can display fighting-game-style power bars
    • groups no longer spam error messages when specified image can't be loaded
    • score_enemy, score_team HUD elements now respect /teamlock setting
    • weaponstats hud element added, same functionality as /scr_weaponstats
    • itemsclock hud element has option to display simple item icon instead of 'RA' etc
    • itemsclock can have item types filtered out (remove GA, for instance)
    • gamesummary hud element added, flashing/counting total item pickups over match
    • keys hud element can target other players when playing back .qwd file
    • keys hud element now works with recent server-side race demos
    • score_team/score_enemy should match +showteamscores when Team Fortress team scoring detected
    • Radar can use simpleitems for icons, show arc of fov, highlighting name fixed
  • Old Hud changes
    • /scr_sbar_lowammo option added, to control low ammo warning when using oldhud
    • New 'compact' mode added (/scr_compactHud 4)
  • Improved menu scaling on high resolutions


  • dynamic lighting performance improved (ported from fodquake)
  • Can specify color of projectiles/shaft without creating custom textures (/gl_custom_*_color, /gl_custom_*_fullbright)
  • /r_shaftalpha now works when custom lg color set
  • /r_rocketlightcolor can now have an alpha element specified to control the strength of the effect
  • /cl_gibfilter will now filter gibbed heads even before the player respawns
  • /gl_outline 2 option for visualising geometry (cheats-enabled only, for map developers)
  • /crosshairscale allows larger built-in crosshairs to be built (rather than just making small images bigger)
  • /crosshairscalemode controls crosshair coordinates/sizes for pixel-to-pixel accuracy.
  • /r_skincolormodedead added, /r_skincolormode for corpses (-1 to use same)
  • /r_lerpframes caused all statics to use frame 0 of the model file (aka: large torches renderered as small on start.bsp)
  • /r_lightdecayrate controls how fast dynamic lights decay (1 = Quake default, 2 = ezQuake standard)
  • Support for translucent players in KTX's multi-race mode
  • Support for alpha-tested textures in standard Quake maps, not just halflife BSPs


  • Support for MVDSV protocol extension, improved coord accuracy for players & entity locations only
  • Support for MVDSV protocol extension to help with movement through teleports on high ping (cl_pext_lagteleport to enable)
  • Added /cl_delay_packet_deviation to create random variation in ping
  • Fix issues with /cl_delay_packet (packet loss and jerky movement) when using the internal server
  • Server browser no longer corrupts sources.txt when saving
  • Server browser will now display searchstring when no servers match filter
  • Server browser no longer requires write access to folder when using URL sources
  • URL sources working in OSX again


  • /weapon 10 and /weapon 12 implement client-side weapon cycling
  • /m_accel values less than zero now ignored
  • /vid_grab_keyboard stops window manager keybinds from interfering with the client (or vice versa)
  • /vid_minimise_on_focus_loss allows out of focus window to run fullscreen
  • Caps-lock keyboard status doesn't toggle when using it as a bindable key (Windows only)


  • Rulesets that block message triggers now also block sound triggers
  • Custom chat-sound selection is now only valid when spectating or watching demos
  • /s_chat_custom 0 now disables chat noises again
  • /s_show 2 now functions in non-debug builds, if map is in standby


  • Gamma: support ramp sizes other than 256
  • Mod trying to open directory on linux now fails correctly
  • Desktop resolution scaling now handled correctly on Windows
  • /vid_gamma_workaround - runtime toggle of workaround to set hardware gamma on Linux
  • /gl_gamma 0 is not treated as /gl_gamma 1 on startup
  • /cfg_load now respects /con_bindphysical setting
  • Heapsize defaults to using 128MB rather than 32MB (some newer TF maps require this)
  • Standard connection qw:// URLs now set /spectator 0


  • Single player games saved on non-normal difficulty should load correctly even if <gamedir>/server.cfg set skill
  • Menu: left/right now changes values, rather than changing tab
  • /tp_msg... commands can be used in teamplay macros
  • /fov set by the user updates /default_fov
  • 'flashed' state (blocking tp_msgpoint from working) wouldn't clear unless using MTFL ruleset (Team Fortress)
  • /dir command can take parameters to change output format (hide extensions/folders/filesize) - requested for nquake
  • /alias without arguments displays the contents of the alias
  • /con_timestamps 2 is restricted for players during the game
  • /scr_scoreboard_drawfps removed
  • /ruleset qcon (or any future ruleset that restricts sounds from server) now also restricts ktsound events


  • All thread-handling now uses SDL thread functions
  • Recursive legacy commands are blocked correctly
  • Fix crash when particle time set to 0
  • Fix crash when MSAA not supported
  • Fixed out-by-one bug on demo playlist
  • Buffer overflow bug in server browser fixed
  • Buffer overflow bug in regular expression handling fixed
  • Buffer overflow bug when checking if filename is valid

Build system

  • Meson build system added
  • Build no longer relies on xxd utility
  • Simple linux build script (